Senecio speciosus
Common name: Beautiful Senecio; Zulu name: ibohlololo; Sotho name: sebea-mollo-se-senye-yane; Xhosa name: idambiso

Clumps of this bright pink Senecio are a lovely surprise in the grasslands during late winter. It certainly is beautiful, especially at a time when one doesn’t expect anything to be flowering so cheerfully.  It continues flowering until the middle of summer, sometimes the flowers are pale pink and at others a deep magenta.

Senecio is the largest genus of flowering plants in the world – over 2000 – part of the largest plant family – the Daisy or Asteraceae family.  About 300 species are found in South Africa.

Senecio speciosus has toothed leaves which are covered in hairs and form a basal rosette. 

senecio speciosus

Leaves of this plant are used to treat many ailments in traditional medicine from headaches, to chest complaints and dropsy.

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